A Case for Giving More Love and Fewer Gifts This Holiday


While the idea of a Christmas filled with more love than gifts was always my goal this year, I’ve never felt more convicted to make it happen than I do today.

Maybe it was the flood of parents walking their kids to school this morning in place of rolling stops and rushed goodbyes. Maybe it was all the extra long hugs parents were giving their kids, or the love notes we packed in our kids’ lunchboxes. Whatever it was, what I felt and witnessed at school this morning in response to the tragedy in Newtown, CT was real.

As I pack up the few gifts I bought for my kids this year, I’m more certain than ever that giving more love and fewer gifts is the answer. This Christmas I want to give more of myself to my family. And perhaps selfishly, I want more of each of them in return. I want to be present and focused on providing my kids with a loving haven in this sometimes scary world. I want to appreciate the things I already have in place of more, new, or better. I want to feel and experience more with less. And I want my family to remember why we celebrate Christmas…[read more]

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