Little Brother, Big Friendship

My eldest son hasn’t always had an easy time making friends. Ever since he was a wee thing, he was a bit of an introvert. Serious, artistic, and highly sensitive, my son was always selective about who he let in. When he started Kindergarten, I had high hopes for his socialization but little changed. By […]

Blogging: It’s Not (Always) About Reaching the Most People

[Image credit] Not every blogger starts out with the goal of becoming Dooce.  Yet I somehow think that’s the general perception of  a lot of folks outside the blogging community.  Not all bloggers are out to climb their way to the top of the bloggy pyramid; it’s a good thing too – the top of the blog pyramid is pretty […]

A Love Letter to My Girlfriends

To My Dearest Girlfriends, We met in the era of perms and tapered jeans.  We were drama nerds.  And drama queens.  Long before boyfriends, careers and children, we were friends. Through heartbreaks, missed curfews and final exams, we were there for each other. We’ve been each other’s bridesmaids, baby shower planners and confidants. You are my sisters and […]