Essential Self-Care for Creatives

Time For Myself

There are times when the stringing together of words into soulful sentences feels so instinctual, your head reaffirms what your heart already knows: you were born to create.

But then there are other times. Uncertain times. Times when the creative flame begins to flicker. When words retreat, ideas fail, and false starts lead to dead ends, you may find yourself wondering: Where did my magic go? How could this happen? WHY IS THIS BLINKING CURSOR MOCKING ME?

In my own recent experience with a creative mind turned to mush, I did what I do best. I panicked. Had my passion packed up? Had my talent caught the last train? Frustrated and freaked out, I considered chucking my laptop. Then I consumed a pint of Talenti, but not before Googling “too tired to write too tired to care”. [read more…]

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