15 Must Have Mantras for Writers


Pen to paper, fingers to keys, writers weave ideas into words that spark wildfire.

You, my friend, are a firestarter. Your words ignite emotion, illuminate truth, and fan the flames of incredible change. It’s a big job. An important job. And an a creative soul like yours requires kindling to keep burning.

While it’s true a measure of inspiration can be found in anything from a killer taco to a bumper sticker, a writer’s heart begs for so much more.

That’s where mantras come in. As veritable soul salve, daily mantras allow us to meditate on our mending, focus on our fire, reflect, and ultimately, release our peace.

So whether you’re new to the practice of mindful meditation or well-versed in the space of intentional words and phrases, we invite you to get your mantra on with words ripe for your writer’s soul. Here are 15 to try.

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