Real Moms Share the Ways They Help Their Fellow Moms


Someone once asked me to describe motherhood. I remember using words like, “messy”, “hard”, and “wonderful”. Sure, all the words were true, but words alone failed to describe the journey; motherhood had to be experienced.

Experiencing motherhood is more than just feedings and wiping hineys, it’s a celebration of life and a responsibility to others. It’s an understanding and compassion like no other – and not only for your children, but for all children and families.

We have a lovely family on our street with a 10-year-old daughter. For the last seven years, we’ve opened up our home to this young lady as she held her own against my sons in Nerf battles, scooter races, and dodgeball games. When I recently learned that her mother’s return to work left her walking to and from school alone to an empty house until her family arrived home, it hit me hard. [Read more…]

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