An Adult Stranger Screamed at My Son and I…Did Nothing


I feel the need to preface this blog post with a personal truth: I’m not a ballsy gal.

I don’t call out people for being buttholes (out loud, anyway), I rarely send back wrong orders at restaurants, and I hardly ever raise a stink when it comes to customer service. It’s not that I don’t get mad, I just prefer to bitch in the safety of friends and family because one, it’s easier that way, and two, I don’t have to confront anyone that way. Win-win.

But not being a ballsy gal does not a balls-less mother make. There’s something about the role of mama bear that gives even the non-confrontational types the power and determination to fight it out when we have to. I’ve stood up for my kids on the playground and advocated for their education and healthcare. By most accounts I’ve shown myself to be braver and ballsier than I’ve felt when it mattered most, but a few weeks ago when I should have done something…anything, I didn’t.

This is what happened. [Read more…]

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