My Husband Wants a Gun and I Don’t


You read the title; my husband wants a gun.

Now I don’t know much about guns other than the fact that they kill people, but I’m really struggling with this now more than ever. Why? Because he’s decided to push the issue. We’ve been married nearly 15 years and from the moment we were handed the keys to our first apartment, he’s been telling me we needed to get one. “No, no, no,” I told him, “We’re fine without one. Guns make me uncomfortable.” “Well, they shouldn’t,” he’d tell me, “That’s what worries me most of all.” [Read more…]


  1. I enjoy your blog and normally just read, but this is a subject near and dear to my heart. I have been a reserve police officer for 17 years and served in the Army for 6. I am extensively trained in firearms use and safety. A firearm has saved my life and my kids at least once.

    Guns don’t kill people. They are inanimate objects that aren’t really much different from a hammer or an axe. Please don’t buy into the hype the media gives these tools.

    Having a gun for self defense I think is a good thing. You must train and practice with it regularly just like with anything you want to remain proficient in. It needs to be kept secure, but accessible. There are many safes that use a button code instead of a dial combination so you can have it secure but ready – and they cost under $100 for a ton of peace of mind.

    You may not be able to get to it perfectly all the time, but that’s ok. You make it as accessible as possible (I have several in safes like I mentioned above scattered about the house) and then train to be able to get to it if needed.

    Guns save lives. The media loves sensationalizing the bad things and even changing the facts so things appear bad. Don’t believe them. They just want ratings. Go to your local police department and ask to speak to the firearms instructor. They will know in reality of the situation and can help you find training resources and give you the kind of advice that might just save the lives of your family.

    Another big reason is that going to the range is FUN! It is a great bonding experience and teaches skills like responsibility and attentiveness, as well as adding just a bit of competitiveness that all boys love. My youngest son has been shooting my 12 gauge shotgun since he was 9 and loves it. All 3 of my kids love shooting the .22s I have and my oldest at 17 asked me just yesterday if I’ll help him get one after he gets his permit when he turns 18.

    Give it a chance. Become educated about them and then see if one of your local ranges rents them for use on their range so you can try one out. You might just love it.

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