Do Halloween Costumes Really Have to be Such a Big Deal?

Halloween is fun. Even in its simplest form, Halloween is still fun. So why do so many parents make such a freaking huge deal out of Halloween costumes?

Growing up, I always thought Halloween meant throwing together a costume from what you had or maybe picking up a bagged costume at Gemco. Of all of my childhood Halloween costumes, I remember a poodle skirt my mom made out of lavender felt, a makeshift Strawberry Shortcake ensemble, and a ballerina tutu. I’m sure there were dozens of Halloween costumes in between but I can’t seem to remember them without photographic evidence.

Halloween night was fun because my friends and I were outside after dark! Collecting candy! In costume! It wasn’t about who had the best or fanciest costume; sheesh, we didn’t care. If anything it was about who collected the most candy…[read more]

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