From Our Family to Yours: A Decade of Halloween Memories

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I have to tell you, I never really cared about Halloween as an adult. Aside from the welcome excuse to eat my weight in candy, I suppose the holiday lost its appeal once I became too old to trick-or-treat. It wasn’t until I became a mom that I really began to appreciate the […]

Do Halloween Costumes Really Have to be Such a Big Deal?

Halloween is fun. Even in its simplest form, Halloween is still fun. So why do so many parents make such a freaking huge deal out of Halloween costumes? Growing up, I always thought Halloween meant throwing together a costume from what you had or maybe picking up a bagged costume at Gemco. Of all of […]

25 of the Most Disturbing Halloween Costumes for Kids

If you’ve shopped through your local supercenter any time since August, you’ve likely witnessed the horror of today’s children’s Halloween costumes. While I’ve woefully accepted the fact that not all Halloween costumes are intended to be adorable, I’ll never understand why costumes have become so grotesque, offensive, and utterly inappropriate. I’d say shame on today’s […]