10 Truths About Tweens

I have a tween. Thank you for your condolences.

My son, Boy Wonder will be turning 10 years old next week, that is if he survives his attitude long enough to make it. What happened to my sweet boy who once thought my loving arms could solve anything? What happened to that little boy who wanted to grow up and marry me in a castle? I guess I blinked and he grew up.

Someone wiser than me once said that parenting wasn’t for the faint of heart. Damn straight it’s not. It’s also not for the sensitive types.

I tell you this because I’ve spent the last year taking Boy Wonder’s tween behavior personally. While my head knows my good son has been temporarily inhabited by the age-appropriate demons of tweendom, my heart is having a hard time watching it happen.

Take a look at the tween truths learned the hard way over the last year right here.

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