20 Creative Tween-Parent Date Ideas

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to yank my tween son out of school (yes, during state testing) and bring him as my date to an incredible blogger event at Disneyland. At the risk of sounding trite, the day was pure magic. Boy Wonder is my firstborn and for the first five years it […]

6 Things I Didn’t Know About Tweens Until I Had One

As much as I try to prepare, protect, and educate my young man, sometimes I wonder if he’s teaching me more than I could ever teach him. As I continue to practice the art of understanding my tween, I thought I’d share these 6 things I didn’t know about tweens until I had one.

10 Truths About Tweens

I have a tween. Thank you for your condolences. My son, Boy Wonder will be turning 10 years old next week, that is if he survives his attitude long enough to make it. What happened to my sweet boy who once thought my loving arms could solve anything? What happened to that little boy who […]