The Second Day of School is the Hard Part

All hail the excitement of the first day of school! For us that day was yesterday.

Once the kids got dressed and fed, the spirit of scholastic adventure filled our home as my husband and I blazed dueling cameras to commemorate the first day of 5th grade and kindergarten respectively.

We took backpack shots, brother shots, individual shots, and family shots, both on the front porch, in the back yard, and at school itself. The kids seemed pumped by the flurry of educational excitement, and hey, we were too.

Experience has taught me that day two of anything is the real test. Think about it, day one of your new job was probably pretty OK. You met people, got acquainted with your desk, maybe even had a nice lunch, but day two was when the real work began. No more pomp and circumstance, it was time to sink or swim. While I have every reason to believe Boy Wonder is going to kick serious 5th grade booty on his second day, my reluctant kindergartener has me worried and I’ll tell you why right here.

Never in my life will I agree with the way our elementary school handles incoming kindergarteners.


  1. We had a really rough 1st day of kindergarten followed by a rough 1st week. Broke my heart 😦 I taught elementary school for 10 years, and I was shocked to find myself so I’ll-prepared on the other side of the classroom door. I don’t know if there are any sure fire ways to ensure an easy transition…I do, however, think that communication from the school to home makes a huge difference (I feel like our district failed miserably with this), and having opportunities for kids to get familiar with their room, the school, the teacher, new friends ahead of time (e.g. Open houses, ice cream socials, play dates….) would have relieved a lot of anxieties – for kids and parents!
    I hope your day two was more successful than you anticipated. Wishing you a wonderful school year!

  2. Agreed. They should do a better job.

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