36 Things I’m Looking Forward to Now That I’m 36 Years Old

I turned 36 years old yesterday. Thirty-six, as in closer to 40 than 30.

Geez, one minute you’re a gawky 17-year-old and the next minute you’re a ma’am who’s 36 years old. It’s not all bad, I mean, I rarely get carded which is equal parts soul-crushing and convenient. I’m maybe even learning to care less about other people think, and hey, once in a while I’m even taken seriously!

While I’m not one of those people who love-loves their birthday, I don’t hate it either. I’m thankful for another year with the people I love and the opportunity to learn more about myself with each passing year.

I figure now is as good a time as any to do the grown-up thing and reflect on what I hope this year will bring. While I’d love y’all to think I’m filled with deep personal goals designed to inspire and encourage, I’m actually just a regular gal with an affinity for lazy days, the smell of coffee, and formulating witty comebacks I’ll never have the balls to use.

Take a look at 36 things I’m looking forward to on this, my 36th year – right here!

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