Once a Year I Ditch My Kids to Shake My Booty

Like a lot of you, I’m with my kids 24/7. We wake up together, eat together, play together, clean up (sometimes) together, and on and on and well … on. It’s like “Groundhog Day” only not nearly as funny.

Aside from the constant fighting, snack retrievals, and endless boring-ass conversations about Skylanders, I’m seriously lucky to have the opportunity to spend as much time with them as I do. It wasn’t always this way. Up until October last year I worked full-time outside the home. I spent a whopping 2.5 hours with my kids each day while we muddled through homework and scarfed down dinner, only to do it all over again the next day. I missed my kids, only now that I’ve been blessed with so much amazing togetherness, I miss missing my kids.

Doh! Did I just type that out loud? By golly I did…[read more]

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