I’ve Got Your Christmas Magic

Christmas magic: I found it. And it works.

Click here for my Bad Santa trick that will have your kidlets behaving like Santa’s watching.


  1. Many others said this but I’m going to as well – BRILLIANT! Love it! LOL

  2. Mommyfriend says:

    Thanks Mommy Friends, LOL!  I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with my ingenuity with this one.

  3. You are a genius! I’m totally stowing that in my arsenal for future use.

  4. I am laughing to myself right now! I love it. You are genius. What a fab idea.

  5. This is great!!! I love it! I had a co-worker call and pretend to be santa hehe

  6. This is absolutely brilliant!

  7. Pure Genius!!! I used to pretend to call the man up. I’d dial our own phone number and then let them hear the busy signal – Boy! you sure are lucky his line is busy!

  8. Mommyfriend Mary says:

    I am so going to use this to my advantage – thanks for the tip mommy friend Lori!

  9. Brilliant, really. And much better than that Elf on the Shelf fellow.

  10. Brilliant! I wish I had thought of that about 30 years ago.

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