Crunchy Fall Leaves

I’m not the SAHM I thought I’d be.

There are days Big Daddy P finds me at the same place he left me; at the computer. In the same clothes, with the same unbrushed hair. There are days I don’t cook dinner, days I skip doing laundry, days that start off with a lofty to-do list with not one thing crossed off it.

There are days I sit and snuggle with BooBoo. Days I feel like crying out of sheer gratitude to spend this age with him. Days I wish I could have made this decision so much sooner.

My favorite part of the day is walking hand-in-hand with BooBoo to pick Boy Wonder up from school. We stomp on crunchy fall leaves and admire the morning glory flowers along the way. As I stand with the rest of the parents outside the school gate, I wonder if they realize how lucky they are to be standing there. This is the first time I’ve had this opportunity, I was the mom who sat worried at her desk every day while her child boarded a bus.

We walk home, the three of us, stomping those same fall leaves. I fix that afternoon snack. I check homework. I fight with Boy Wonder about said homework.

We eagerly await Big Daddy P’s return and when that man walks in the door, I still get excited. No matter how late, how bad the traffic, how crappy his day, he always gives me a big kiss and asks how my day was. He appreciates my being home. Even if I do nothing more that play hide-and-seek and wipe butts all day. He sees real value in every aspect of motherhood. How on earth did I get so lucky?

I feel like this is how it was supposed to be for my family and I am so very thankful to God, to my husband, to the universe for allowing me this opportunity. Being home is a privilege that will never be lost on me.

If it all ended tomorrow, I’d remain grateful for the time spent stomping those fall leaves with my boys.


  1. Wonderful, simply wonderful. I’m so happy you are enjoying SAHMdom so much! It sounds pretty great. 🙂


  1. […] long that I had definite ideas about how magical it was going to be. While being home was been fantastical in a whole lotta ways, it’s also been very different than I […]

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