Not Every Kid is a Genius

And so what if not every kid is a genius?

Check out how I really feel about heavy labeling here.


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  5. So funny… last Sunday my little Joo-joo-bees (18 months old) finally picked up the puzzle I got him for Christmas (since all the grandparents’ gifts were so much cooler than our educational ones). The puzzle was supposed to be for 3 years and up but being “practical mom” of course, I always buy for an older age in hopes that there will be years of playing fun and it will last him longer than 1 week. Well little joo-joo-bee put the puzzle together in all of 20 seconds! And I was jolted with this train of thought: 1st oh my gosh, is this normal? 2nd my child is a genius! and 3rd, what a rip off, can I return it and get my money back! The next night I got Mommyfriend’s post and all was back to normal!–Or maybe he’s just a genius! 😉

  6. Too true. This is a complex technological world. “Genius” is a definition fixed in time. In past times a genius (Issac Newton) was a genius for his lifetime (and indeed for all time). Today, who can lay claim to that kind of genius? Technology is too transient. Moreover, today it is popular culture that assigns the “genius” label so, what is genius today is a bore tomorrow. Where kids are concerned giving them the “genius” tag is a set-up for future disappointment; it establishes an expectation that our culture is very unlikely to fulfill. So, if a kid is a genius, as he or she grows and develops, achievement will follow and that reward with encourage and sustain them. Pasting a label and creating a sense of entitlement in them robs them of that joy.

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