Share Your Best Parenting Moments!

I put a call out for gold star parenting moments and y’all thought I meant “gold star” (as in BAD) parenting moments.

That made me LOL, literally.

I’m actually looking for real, honest to goodness great parenting moments that made you a lil bit proud of yourself.

You know those totally rare moments when you’re like, “God I’m good.”

Share them with me won’t you? Either leave a comment here with your great parent moments or send me a private email at  – I’ll totally quote you on Babble and link to your site because that’s always fun.

Hey, if you have to spend some time thinking about it don’t feel bad, I still haven’t been able to come up with anything good personally.  Maybe I’ll just make something up.

Thanks so much Mommy (and Daddy) Friends!


  1. When my daughter finally stood on her wobbly baby legs and squealed in delight, putting one foot in front of the other, I was the most proud.
    Proud of her determination, her strength, and her independence.

  2. LOL. I wasn’t sure about what “gold star” meant 😉 I give myself a gold star every time my kid finishes a meal I’ve prepared without the meal ending up on the floor! Haha. I’m sure I have better moments! Will send an anecdote soon. 😉

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