Swimsuit Shopping Hell

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  1. I hear ya – i’m none too excited about getting into the seasonal swimsuit, though it’s mostly due to the pasty white skin i’ll be sporting! i would encourage you to consider how much you actually pay attention to other women in their suits when your out and about….if your like me, it’s probably not that much, right?. i realized a few years ago that people are not nearly as interested in my appearance as I think they are…

    i’ve read some great articles lately suggesting the best swimwear for your body type. my problem area is my lower half as well and it’s suggested to get a busy print or ornate top half to draw attention up and away from that area. i have a (extra long) tankini with little polka dots. 🙂


    i also like the options on hapari.com – you can mix and match tops and bottoms – get a solid color bottom with bold/bright print on top + a little ruffle and you’re golden…maybe even a bottom with a skirt like this one?

    ps – maybe we should start a campaign to demand lighting changes in all dressing rooms!

  2. SO. I just got back from a sunny Florida vacation. 3 months post partum. Before leaving, I was having the ultimate freakout about getting into a swim suit. I worked out really hard before I was pregnant, and I lost most(ish) of the baby weight already. I do not know how, because I eat like a 22 year old frat boy. But the number on the scale aside, I LOOK completely different! Squishy all over, boobs like Gak. (Does Nickolodean still make Gak?!) I think the more I discussed it, worried about it, and told everyone I was freaking out about it, the more people would pay attention. Seriously. If I never mentioned it, no one would expect a thing. So I did it to myself. damn me! I ended up finding something that had a hidden system of ropes and pulleys.
    I do wear swim skirts. I wish they were knee length, but it does cover my entire butt and creates a nice shadow to hide cellulite…the bane of my existence. Spanx has a swimwear line. I have no idea how that would work. I need a diagram. I also think it’s a great idea to have a stiff cocktail before trying swimsuits on. Just remember you need to imbibe before each bathing suit session. Your kids will appreciate your wacky antics. Kids love a drunk mom!!
    No one is looking, except for you. Have fun with your kiddos!

  3. I guess I put it like this. There will ALWAYS be something you dislike or HATE about your body. Be proud of what is positive. Your hair, eyes, mouth, all around face, arms, whatever. I’m not perfect, but I am perfect being myself. I have more sincere friends because I tell the truth but am not a bitch about it . I know I hate bathing suit season too. I think it was brought in from hell personally, but hey, it could be a lot worse. Wear what suits your body NOW, not what you think SHOULD suit your body. What looks good on you? If it looks good, just depending on the style, wear it. Who cares what kind it is? If you are happy and having fun on the beach with the kids, people find THAT sexy. They don’t look below every second to check for cellulite, pudge, whatever. Hate to say it but people are most likely hoping THEY look okay and are worrying about their appearance. Aim high this year. Get the suit that fits your body now and work towards what you want. Sometimes, the suit you want now you will think is gaudy or ick later, but it just depends. Your fellow mom, Christina =)

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