Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Thanks to all of you, Mommyfriend won’s 2011 Readers’ Choice Award in the category “Hey, Good Lookin’ Parenting Blog“! You can read what they said about me, it’s super nice.                                                        
My blog has such a big head right now.                                            

I am beyond thrilled because I don’t win stuff, like ever and I’m feeling pretty damn charmed thanks in whole to your support.

Now, the award doesn’t come with a prize or anything so I’m gonna run out and buy myself one.  It’s only fair.


  1. I had to leave a comment just ‘cuz I love when Guy Fieri says Winner Winner chicken dinner! You rock! But I guess you already knew that! 🙂

  2. Nice! Congrats! You deserve it! Now I want to know what you bought yourself!!!

  3. Mommyfriend says:

    I’m gonna try my dear.  The problem is that I actually need to many practical things right now like new bras and underwear.

  4. Mommyfriend says:

    Evonne, that’s the plan.  Knowing me, I’ll go buy myself a new black purse for work on sale at TJ Maxx.  I need Loukia of Lou Lou’s Views to pick out something for me.

  5. yey!!!!That is so exciting!!! Now, I hope that you bought yourself the coolest, biggest, most sparkly award there is out there!XO

  6. Woo hoo! I’m doing a happy dance for you. Congrats!

    Go buy yourself something totally awesome. You deserve it!

  7. Mommyfriend says:

    Thanks Steve-O!  And bravo on use of the word “rad”, I’m tired of being the only using it.

  8. RAD! Congrats!

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