10 Reasons Why I Love Mothering Boys

Obviously I love my sons, they are super awesome people I’m proud to know.  Mothering boys in general is an amazing adventure for which I have so much to be thankful for.Letterman style, here are my Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Mothering Boys:

10.  The dirt.  I am a reformed neat freak, so reformed I’m downright messy anymore.  Having boys has taught me there’s way more to life than a pristine house and the frustration that comes with it.  It’s all about living.

9.  Roadtrip bathroom breaks.  Not such a big deal with boys for obvious anatomical reasons.

8.  Being the queen.  I dig the whole mama’s boy thing.  They always tell me I’m beautiful, assume it’s my birthday whenever I wear a dress and adore me in a way that’s downright addictive.  I wish I could bottle all that up for all of eternity, I really do…[read more]


  1. Roadtrip bathroom breaks – not so bad, unless it’s number two – then it’s downright awful, and I’ve been in that situation many times! OMG, I have nervous breakdowns in those situations!Being the mother of two boys myself, I have to seay, is such an amazing thing, for all the reasons you’ve listed. They’re the best, the sweetest, so wonderful. And it’s great not having to worry about doing their hair or having them concerned about what to wear! We do have it good, mama! 😉

  2. I love your list! Now if only my husband would read this, I think he may realize that we are raising little girls. In reference to your #2 – the roughhousing I’ve seen in this house is why I teach my girls to keep their hands to themselves. I’d never live down the fact that my girls have He-Man strenghth…LOL!

  3. You don’t have a tweet this button?!?! or I could not locate it….loved this post…have a 3 yr old boy.

  4. I LOVE this! I completely agree! I always wanted a girl, but now that I have my son, I could never imagine having a girl!

  5. Great post! Your boys are precious!

  6. Still laughing at number 2 on the list…

  7. There are lots of great things about boys and you have named quite a few of them. Less drama too.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I’m a Momma to Irish Twin boys who keep me going all day with high energy and demands. But they give the best hugs and kisses. Can’t decide if we want baby #3 but I’ll take another boy if I am so blessed because I will be the first lady in their lives and I love that! Raising little men is the best!!

  9. I am the mother of three boys (10,7,5) and love being the “Queen.” However, they don’t always remember you aren’t one of the guys. I have to remind them I don’t want a high five that leaves my hand stinging an hour later, or a hug that literally takes my breath away. Last Christmas, my youngest (who was still 3) was introducing our family, “This is my brother….,this is my brother…., this is my brother Mom!”

  10. agreed! i always thought i’d have a girl and here i am with 2 boys – honestly, wouldn’t have it any other way. though, i do insist on always having girl pets. 😉

  11. You nailed it right on the head! And really, they will not change much as they get into their teen years. Clothes still aren’t TOO much of a problem. My oldest has a tendency to only want to wear black, but other than that, there’s not much to fight about. of course, I don’t care about holes in jeans! LOL! Hair is a little bit of a fight with my oldest as well, he likes to wear it long and messy, but he’s coming around. The adoration is still there though, and they still tell me how pretty I am and treat me like the queen… even if sometimes it comes with eye rolls! hehehe

  12. Are we living the same life? I LOVE the fact that when we are out in public it is so much easier to take them to the bathroom…or use a tree whichever 🙂 But honestly, I could deal without all of the noise, it is hard to think! Love your photos of your sweet boys 🙂

  13. This is great!! I knew you’d zing that topic. Love the pics too. Funny faces for ever!!

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