Reality Bites: Math Homework

 I am not smarter than a second grader. 

I guarantee I’m not the smartest Mommy Friend you ever met because I happen to think 2nd grade homework is hard.  At least it is for me.  I’m choosing to own this ugly truth and refuse to succumb to the obvious shame and embarrassment such a confession deserves.  I can only imagine the confusion and bewilderment future homework will surely bring; I need a lifeboat because I’m in trouble. 

Actual scratch paper from 2nd grade math homework.  For reals.

Before you start with the well-deserved blond jokes, just know I don’t struggle with all of the homework.  I struggle with the math.  It’s not all the math either, it’s mostly geometry.  My son brings home these huge math packets every week and his public school doesn’t provide a book to bring home for use as reference material.  Even my engineer enginerd husband, Big Daddy P laments over the math packet and is continuously busting out his old college text books for guidance.

I was thinking a cocktail might be more helpful.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t learn these geometry fundamentals until at least 5th or 6th grade.  I guess “New Math” has changed all that.  At this rate, my eldest will be a licensed architect by the time he is in 9th grade.

Big Daddy P tried teaching math fundamentals early.

Quick, off the top of your gorgeous head, do you know what an inverse operation is? How about related facts?  What about vertex/vertices?  Plane shape or solid shape?  Rectangular prisms?  Associative Property of Addition?  Brava if you do because I sure as sugar don’t. 

For those of you who do know, you are a smarter Mommy Friend than I.  Leave me your number at so I can call you next Tuesday night for some assistance. 


  1. Ok– none of that sounds even slightly familiar so you now I am totally freaked out and scared for my son to start kindergarten next year.What do we even need to know that for? No one uses that info in every day life…. except for math teachers that is.

  2. My mom is so much like you ♥

  3. Ha! I wrote a similar post about my daughter’s kindergarten homework, but that second grade stuff looks impossible!! I’m going to need to invest in a tutor next year!

  4. wow that is pretty early. I better just crack out the college texts and teach dd from there.

  5. Eeek! Is THIS what I have to look forward to?!?!? Holy crimany! What happened to 2+2=4???

  6. Allow me to help you with a few definitions… Inverse operation: when the patient operates on the surgeon Related Facts: two facts with a common ancestor Plane shapes are hollow like the airplanes they are named after Solid shapes are – well – solid Rectangular Prisms were the original prototype for what we know as Geo Prisms (they decided the rectangle was not aerodynamic enough for the Geo engine) And now I’m going to take a stab at a real definition for the last two – Is Vertices the plural of Vertex??? And is the Associated Property of Addition the thing that means if 3+6=9 then 6+3=9 or is that the Distributive Property??? Don’t feel bad I looked at my kindergarten niece’s homework last fall and was baffled on a few and it was freakin’ Kindergarten!!!

  7. I need to start brushing up on my skills. I was not so sporty at math the first time around. I’m dreading the questions that will surely come this time.

  8. I am not smarter than a kindergartener which is why I’m so glad I’m a preschool teacher! I was unable to help my kids with math by 3rd or 4th grade. I do know what a rectangular prism is! We have one at preschool. So I guess your theory is right about being experts by high school. Maybe that’s why so many kids are burnt out by that age!! Thanks for your nice comments today!

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