In Defense of Older Trick-or-Treaters

“If you don’t tell me what you want to be for Halloween, you won’t get to go trick-or-treating.” I told Boy Wonder for the hundredth time. “I’m too old for that.” he said. “People don’t like giving candy to older kids. Last year they kinda made me feel bad about it.” “What? Who? How? Was […]

More Treats, Less Tricks: Halloween Safety Tips for a Ghoulish Good Time

“You know what’s more fun than fun? Safety.” Friends, these are actual words I’ve recently spoken to my children in true maternal fashion. Perhaps even more impressive was the fact that I meant them. As a big fan of fun and even bigger fan of ghoulish good times, I’m all for celebrating the spooktactular hijinks […]

How to Make Sure Your House Doesn’t Suck This Halloween

No one wants to be “That House” on Halloween. Here’s how to make sure your house doen’t get a bad rap.