Please Stop Sexualizing My Son, He’s 11

My son started junior high today. Yes, junior high, the place where incoming 7th graders begin breaking free from the shackles of childhood to begin the arduous journey of self-discovery. As my boy walked the long walk from the car to the campus, I stopped to consider the many emotions he might experience on his […]

8 Ways to Get the Girl, According to My 6-Year-Old Son

My son BooBoo is a lot of things: charming, funny, sensitive, and a total babe magnet…and it’s pretty much always been that way. From the moment he could toddle, my accidental Romeo began discovering the power of his playboy charms. He learned quickly that an innocent look here, a flashy smile there, and right amount […]

My Kid Has a Crush and It’s Not On Me

Just yesterday I was the only woman in Boy Wonder’s life. Not anymore.

A Love Letter to my First Crush, Gone Much Too Soon

My fellow Yahoo Shine Parenting Gurus and I were asked to write a love letter to our childhood crush in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.  What should have been a sweet assignment turned out to be thoroughly heart-wrenching.  My childhood crush was beautiful and kind and his life was cut tragically short. This was the hardest […]