A Love Letter to my First Crush, Gone Much Too Soon

My fellow Yahoo Shine Parenting Gurus and I were asked to write a love letter to our childhood crush in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. 

What should have been a sweet assignment turned out to be thoroughly heart-wrenching.  My childhood crush was beautiful and kind and his life was cut tragically short.

This was the hardest thing I’ve written in awhile, click here to read it.


  1. I couldn’t comment at yahoo since I don’t have a yahoo account.

    Wow, Lori. Wow. Kleenex please?!

  2. Mommyfriend says:

    Thank you Betsy, I admire your writing so much.  That is a huge compliment coming from you.

  3. Mommyfriend says:

    Thank you Debbie.  Sometimes I wish I could contact his mom, although I have no idea what I would say.

  4. Mommyfriend says:

    It really is so sad.  I have a hard time even reading it back.  Thanks for your comment.

  5. This was a really sweet but sad story. Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a beautifully written and tragic story.

  7. For some reason I had trouble posting a comment at Yahoo. What a beautiful, well written letter to your first crush. Poignant is the word that comes to mind.Thanks Lori!

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