40 Things 40 Is (and One Thing That It Isn’t)


I’m turning 40 next month. I suppose the idea of bidding final farewell to my thirties ought to furrow my brow a little, but it doesn’t. Maybe it’s because I’ve had 39 years and 11 months to prepare for it. Maybe it’s because I survived my husband’s 40th freak-out earlier this year. Or maybe it’s because 40 finally feels like I’m coming into my own.

Forty is a lot of things to a lot of people, but to me, 40 is:

  1. Knowing (and really loving) grocery store music.
  2. Having a doctor/dentist/CPA/boss who is younger than you.
  3. The inability to recognize a single VMA nominee.
  4. Saying things like, “Kids today … ” and actually meaning it.
  5. Finding new moles and hairs that weren’t there yesterday. [read more…]

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