Tween Speaks: 7 Reasons Why I Don’t Want to Go to a School Dance

shutterstock_217902904Hey everyone, it’s me, Boy Wonder.

You might not know this, but this is my second year in junior high. I’m an 8th grader now, which means this is my last chance to join school clubs and participate in events at my school, like school dances.

My mom is pushing me really hard to go to at least one school dance this year. She forces a lot of stuff on me, but this is one thing I really don’t want to do.

When she asked me why, I told her: Because I just don’t want to.

She said that if I could come up with actual reasons, she’d consider not making me go, which would be really great because there’s a dance next week.

So Mom, I’ve been thinking, and here are 7 reasons why I (and no other junior high student) should have to go to a school dance if they don’t want to.

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