My Son Doesn’t Know What’s Best for Him, I Do


A few weeks ago I dropped my son off at camp for a week of recreational adventure. Believe me when I tell you he wasn’t happy about it. For the last two months — from the initial camp deposit to the final payment — he’s gone on and on (and on) about how much he didn’t want to go.

His reasons were plentiful:

I’m not outdoorsy.

I don’t know anybody.

Camping is stupid.

I just don’t want to go.

And researched:

Somebody got the plague at Yellowstone. You know, THE BLACK DEATH. See, Mom? Camping.

And then there’s Lyme disease, and that’s a really big deal.

I asked my friends if they think it’s mean that you’re making me go. They all said yes.

And I didn’t care because I knew better. [read more…]

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