10 (Sometimes Crazy) Thoughts I Had When My Husband Went Away

shutterstock_149674223I don’t have a husband who travels for business, or pleasure, or really ever travels at all. In the more than 20 years we’ve been together, we’ve never even had reason or opportunity to be apart for more than five days. So when he decided to return home to the Philippines for the first time in 25 years, we knew this trip would be a long one.

With so much family to see and so much lost time to make up for, he decided he’d stay 16 days. And while 16 days may seem like a mere blip on the calendar for wives of business travelers, touring rock stars, or military personnel, 16 days was sure to feel like a lifetime to our family.

And I’ll admit, I felt a little nervous for him to be gone so long. It didn’t matter that I’m always alone with the kids or that I could manage the daily grind like a boss. The 1/2 monthly grind was a whole ‘nother animal and we all knew it.

As I sit down to write to you from day 11 of 16, the following 10 thoughts have taken up permanent residence in my mind (and from what I hear, I’m not alone).

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