My Husband and I Went on Three Dates in Three Days

219It’s not often my husband and I get a break from the kids. In our tenure as parents, we’ve hired a babysitter a grand total of one time, reserving the balance of our limited childfree adventures for family members. So when my parents offered to take the kids for three nights over their holiday break, we jumped at the chance to shuck our parental responsibilities. Now, don’t get me wrong, we absolutely adore our kids. They’re quite simply the greatest young people we know, but everyone deserves a vacation sometimes — including them. And three days without kids? What’s that even like? How would we spend our time? How should we spend our time? A mini romantic getaway? Serious DIY home reno? Seventy-two hours of glorious and uninterrupted sleep? The possibilities were endless!

As the kid drop-off day grew closer, my husband and I grew ever giddy. With Christmas just barely behind us and New Year’s ahead, we decided we wouldn’t waste our sweet freedom binge-watching delicious TV, but rather make the effort to go on three bona fide dates where we’d talk about interesting things, get to know each other again outside of our daily grind, and maybe even make out a little (or a lot)!

So what do three dates in three days look like once you’ve been married for 16 years? I hereby invite you to ride along as the third wheel to find out!

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