The Real Reason Moms Need Family Vacations

Family vacationsVacations are a relatively new thing for my family. We went nearly a decade without ever taking a single one. Working in a high-pressure corporate environment, I reserved vacation time for sick kids, school holidays, and necessary Monday-through-Friday personal appointments. If you’re not careful, “vacation” time can go pretty quickly without even a single relaxing moment to show for it.

For a long time I told myself I was OK with vacation sacrifice. I even managed to convince my tense muscles and weary psyche that a vacation served as more hassle than reward. I mean, I was so busy at work. Who would do my work while I was gone? Probably no one. Who would be responsible for planning the vacation? Probably me. How much would a family vacation cost? I had no idea.

Dr. Andrea Bonior explored the vacation conundrum in Psychology Today, where she discussed American workers’ hesitancy to take time off from work because they’re simply too busy. “I’m sorry,” she says, “but isn’t being too busy at work the whole reason that these vacation days are needed in the first place? Is this some sort of strange, grin-and-bear-it paradox? Being under too much stress to think about stress relief?”

We know, Dr. Bonior, but have you seen our desks lately? [read more…]

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