10 Things I Learned at Your Kid’s Birthday Party

DSC_0310Oh, hi there! Remember me? I’m the everymom at your kid’s birthday party.

You know me. I’m the one who helps wrangle the sugar-high masses for party games, the one who passes out napkins, refills drinks, and helps dispose of half-eaten cake with the frosting scraped off.

Like you, I love a good party. I love a birthday boy or girl who beams with pride on their special day. Like you, I worry about the chips to child ratio, the balance of free play versus scheduled activities, and above all else, the fact that everyone has a great time.

So what is it exactly that makes or breaks a birthday party? Is it the food? The entertainment? The venue? Nope, it’s the valuable lessons acquired as a party guest along the way.

Take a look at 10 things I learned at your kid’s birthday party.

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