5 Ways Busy Parents Can Make Their Kids Feel Special


“Mom, I wish you could play with me,” BooBoo laments as I feverishly pound on the keyboard a mere 20 feet away.

“I know honey, but Mommy’s really busy today. I have this deadline,” I tell him, as if today’s an anomaly. “Maybe we can play tomorrow.”

But I’m not just busy today, I’m busy always. As a freelancer, opportunity comes in waves, and while I’m no stranger to the feast or famine aspect of my professional career, my kids struggle with the notion that even though Mom is here, she can’t always be present.

So how can I mitigate the negative impact of Mom’s professional “feast” on my kids? Surprisingly, pretty easily.

Take a look at 5 ways busy parents can help their kids feel special when time and energy are limited.

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