6 Ways to Help a Picky Eater


“But doctor, you don’t understand!” I cried to my pediatrician about my ever-so-picky-this-is-never-going-to-change-I’ve-tried-everything toddler. “My son only survives on Cheerios, chicken nuggets, and … AIR!

“Relax,” he told me, “it’s just a stage. He’ll discover new foods in time, but you have to calm down.”

Calm down? CALM DOWN?! How could I calm down when I was quite convinced my son was destined to live a life on little more than Goldfish crackers, apple juice, and the occasional teething biscuit?

The good news is that my pediatrician was right. With a little time and patience, I was able to encourage my toddler to try new foods and expand his taste palate.

Take a look at 6 expert tips on how to help your picky eater.

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