How to Create 7 Beloved Christmas Images

How to draw christmas images

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, and for many, it’s also the craftiest.

I quite enjoy crafting for personal enjoyment when the stakes are low, but this year Big Daddy P, Boy Wonder, and BooBoo came up with the idea of creating a calendar of family artwork to give as Christmas presents. Excuse me, family artwork? Uh … easy for them to say, they’re each talented artists!

As the only non-artist in the family, I find this creative endeavor wildly intimidating. “But we only gave you December, Mom,” Boy Wonder reminds me, “You can do it. Just draw something easy like a snowman in the forest or Santa on his sleigh. We’re the ones who have to do the rest of the months!”

I hear what you’re saying, kid, but isn’t December like the most important month of the year?! What on earth am I supposed to draw? “A snowman in the forest or Santa on his sleigh” hardly sounds easy to me.

And just then, like a Christmas miracle, the answer suddenly became crystal clear” [Read more…]

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