Driving My Son’s Imagination Through Play

photo 3

“Mommy, I wish I was older” lamented my youngest son.

“Honey, you just turned 6 a month ago. I think you should try to enjoy it, at least for a little while.”

I replied, knowing full well that he won’t. Ever since my son was old enough to realize that his older brother had rights and privileges that he didn’t, he’s been on a mission to fast forward through his youth. This kid walked early, talked early, and always desperately tried to keep up with older kids.

But his desire to grow up quickly didn’t stop there. He soon wanted to know what it was like to go to work, mow the lawn, and even drive a car. And because each of these mature activities must be experienced in their own time, I always try to provide my son with toys and resources that inspire imaginary play. Knowing that play is how he learns best, I’m notoriously choosy when it comes to BooBoo’s toys. I want to encourage real world discoveries with practical application whenever possible because when it comes to play, opportunities for learning are limitless – anytime, anywhere – especially with the right toys! [Read more…]

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