Do We Need to Calm Down About School Violence?


It’s been a bad week for violence in the schools and it’s only Thursday.

Just four days ago, a NV teacher lost his life at the hands of a middle schooler before the student turned the gun on himself, and late Tuesday, the body of MA math teacher was discovered behind a high school with a 14-year-old student charged in her murder. With haunting memories of Sandy Hook and Columbine on our collective consciousness, it’s hard to accept the fact that violence in the schools is actually pretty rare.

According to NBC News, “An average of 23 youths per year were the victims of homicides at elementary or secondary schools or on the way to a school event, over the years 1992 to 2011, according to the most complete federal study. And those 23 deaths include all kinds of homicides — drug deals gone bad, fights over a girl — in a nation with 130,000 schools and more than 50 million students in grades K-12.”

While logic assures us that an unlawful death statistic of less than 1 percent is comforting, heavy hearts tell us otherwise. [read more…]

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