12 Ways I’m Not Spoiling My Kids

photo (195)

It’s freaking hard work not to raise spoiled kids.

“Pay now or pay later,” my mom tells me. “The work you put in now will only help you as they get older.” While I have no doubt she’s right, following the unspoiled path of most resistance is a difficult parenting journey. It sucks being the bad cop, perpetual bearer of bad news, and general destroyer of fun. We understand why we have to do it – so we don’t raise little punks who will one day grow up to be big a**holes, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

No parent wants to be responsible for yet another crappy, self-absorbed adult who’s carelessly breaking hearts, spewing narcissistic venom, or otherwise committing crimes of unhappiness against humanity at large. “I just don’t want our kids to be dicks,” my husband so eloquently informs me. Neither do I, dude. Neither do I.

So how do we stop ourselves from raising spoiled brats? Heck if I know, but check out 12 things we’re trying by clicking here.

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