My Tween Still Believes in Santa: How Old is Too Old?


I have a 10-year-old son who still very much believes that Santa is the real deal. Still.

Up to this point, Boy Wonder’s belief in Santa has been sort of cute, not to mention super convenient. Since this kid is the absolute last person I’d trust with a secret (notorious bean-spiller), his belief in jolly old Saint Nicholas has helped keep the Santa magic alive for his 5-year-old brother. But let me ask you this, how old is too old to believe in Santa?

A few years back when Boy Wonder came to me in tears over rumors that Santa wasn’t real, I said, “Look, not every kid believes in Santa. Santa’s only real if you believe in him.” Good answer, right? I thought so. I wasn’t lying. Santa would be real as long as he believed. As parents we’d continue to play the charade and preserve the magic as long as he’d allow us to…[read more]

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