Finding New Love and Appreciation for My Husband

Have you ever just looked across the room at your spouse and been flooded by emotion? Me neither, until last night rather unexpectedly.

I was catching up on season 4 of Dawson’s Creek on Netflix (a mere 11 years late) while my husband surfed the web for some doohickey for his bike or whatever. By all accounts it was a typical evening. The kids were in bed, the dishwasher hummed and the neighbor dog barked incessantly.

In that moment, as Pacey decided to skip graduation and Joey lamented over her salutatorian speech, I paused the angsty teen drama and felt my heart swell with gratitude. My husband and I were still here after all these years, after losses, incredible gains, disappointments, and good fortune – he was right beside me as he has always been. My husband has been the great equalizer to my erratic emotions, the calm to every personal storm, and the possessor of talents and characteristics of greatness.

I didn’t know he’d become any of this when that surge of infatuation struck my heart at 17, or even when I walked down the aisle at 22. If you would have asked me how much I loved my husband on my wedding day I would have told you that I couldn’t have loved him more.

I was so wrong…[read more]

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