Everybody Knows Your First Marriage Doesn’t Count

No one jokes around about getting married for the second time more than I do. While I have no plans to end my marriage, the thought of a wedding and marriage do-over has its perks.

You know how when you have your first baby you obsess over everything, worry yourself into oblivion, and make a hundred million mistakes? By the time that second baby comes you’ve learned to take a logical rather than emotional approach parenting. Well, first marriages are kind of like first babies. I have no doubt a little marital practice would serve a second marriage well.

I was talking to a divorced friend who recently moved in with her fiancé. She glowed at the very mention of her upcoming nuptials with an aura so bright that I actually considered crashing her bridal party. “I can’t wait to be married again! I want this wedding and this marriage to be completely different from my last,” she said, “Besides, everybody knows your first marriage doesn’t really count anyway.”…[read more]

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