I Still Need My Mommy

I may be a mom but that doesn’t mean I stopped needing mine.

I’ll never forget the moment my mom told me she’d be moving out of state. It was 9 years ago at dinner at our local Macaroni Grill. I burst into cinematic tears and stormed out of the restaurant, sobbing on the bench outside while hungry patrons wondered if the rosemary loaf had somehow disappointed me. As if.

My mom and I share a special history. After my parents’ divorce I lived with my mom where it was always the two of us. She and me, me and she. I’ve always felt most at home and happy around her; it’s just always been that way.

While my mom comes to visit regularly and we talk every few days, I still can’t help by miss the convenience and comfort of having her by my side. Somehow whenever she’s around it feels like nothing can go wrong…[read more]

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