10 Signs You Need Marriage Counseling

I’m a huge believer in counseling. Even though my parents took a stab at marriage counseling only to ultimately divorce, their exercise in couples-based therapy allowed them to make greater peace with an already difficult decision.

There are times I wish Big Daddy P and I attended marriage counseling, and it’s not because we’re headed for divorce or going through a particularly difficult period either. Marriage counseling facilitates healthy and constructive conversation that can only better a relationship. Most of us struggle to recognize the subtle nuances of impending conflict, let alone possess the know-how to manage said conflict effectively.

By providing couples with the tools and resources to better share and make thoughtful decisions, marriage counseling hopes to allow for a greater understanding between partners.

Take a look at these 10 signs you might need marriage counseling and why right here.


  1. Great article that is a good complete list of what to look out for. I like how straightforward everything is here. I think I’ve gotten some pretty good information and I definitely will be starting my marriage saving quest.

  2. Excellent post! I enjoyed the simplicity of your post. You hit the nail on the head with your 10 signs, I know because I’ve seen many of them. Thank you for this post there were some things here that I have gone through and didn’t think of them as counselling type problems. I think the “everyone goes through this” excuse somethings comes out when couples really need to be looking for professional help. Anyway thanks again for this post I see somethings I may need to learn more about here.

  3. specialkay5 says:

    Great post! Marriage counseling will work if you work. Don’t shy away from it if you need it. Don’t ignore the signs, communicate is key!

    • I agree.The success of marriage depends on the efforts made by the couples and not by the marriage counselors.I’m also a huge believer of marriage counseling for it help me in my marriage too.

  4. Thanks for sharing.We have the same views on marriage counseling.It helped me a lot on building a strong and healthy relationship with my wife.I’m happy that were still together for almost 15 years and going strong.

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