5 Reasons I Have No Business Being a Classroom Mom

God bless the classroom moms and dads of the world.

My 5th grader is in a class of 33 kids this year and that means for every homework page, class assignment, and test given, the teacher gets 33 back. That’s a lot of work!

And paperwork is only the beginning. Add behavior management of 33 kids to the pressure of students scoring well on state testing and teachers have one of the hardest jobs around.

It is for this reason classroom parents are a tremendous asset to our teachers.

Three days after school began, I attended Back-to-School Night with my fellow parents. We shuffled into the classroom, signed the attendance sheet, and listened to our kid’s teacher offer up her best sales pitch as to why we should become a classroom parent (or “room mom/dad”). I listened, felt major sympathy for my kid’s teacher, got the skinny on the classroom happenings, and left without signing up to be a room mom.

Why didn’t I sign up? Is it because I suck? Maybe, but the real reason is that I don’t think I’m made of the right stuff.

Classroom moms and dads are a different breed of parent than I am for a lot of reasons including, but not limited to the following:

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