Is it Ever OK to Read Your Partner’s Texts and Emails?

As I stare into a computer monitor decorated with password-bearing Post-It notes, I’m alerted to a text from my non-password protected phone. In case there was ever any doubt, I don’t care about protecting my personal correspondence.

With three emails addresses and countless social media accounts open at all times, my utter indifference toward private communication seems to work for me. That’s not to say this lazy approach to privacy works for everyone. Case in point, Big Daddy P. He’s an alphanumeric/special character password kinda guy who religiously logs out of social media accounts and would never, ever dream of a password Post-It disgracing his monitor.

Is that to say he’s up to no good? No. Just because he’s got nothing to hide, doesn’t mean he’s an open book and I can respect that. In turn, just because I’m too lazy to ever log out of anything doesn’t imply an invitation by default…[read more]

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