On Moms, Daughters, and Dressing Rooms

I was trying on clothes with reckless abandon in a JC Penney dressing room when I witnessed an unexpected and beautiful mom moment.

As I was shoving my mom thighs into a pair of low rise skinny jeans I had no business wearing, a teenage girl and her mother in the dressing room next door were arguing over dresses. The flurry of hanger activity suggested they’d been there a while. Deep sighs from the daughter and her assumingly overbearing mother made me giggle inside and give a silent thanks that I’ll never be in this position with my sons.

Suddenly the teenage girl begs her mom take her home. “Why are we doing this mom? I look so fat and stupid in everything,” she cried. My heart began to sink as I attempted to peel the skinny jeans from my unforgiving calves. “Mom, I just want to go home,” she sniffed…[read more]

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