How Parents Keep “Busy” in the Bedroom

OK, so last week I told you sex was a bone of contention in my marriage (holy pun!). It’s not like we fight about sex every day, but we do have an ongoing debate about how often parents are actually getting busy. He swears 3-4 times a week is average. I swear he crazy.

C’mon, we’re married. With kids. And jobs. And we’re closer to 40 than 30. And we’re I’m tired. No parent I know is knockin’ boots 3-4 a week; they’re watching America’s Got Talent and arguing over whose turn it is to pick up dog poop in the backyard.

My married with children friends swear they do it about 1½ times a week, twice if they’re lucky and wine is involved. This is where Trojan condoms come in. Aside from all the good work they do preventing unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, they dared to voyeur into the bedrooms of Americans with their annual “Trojan Charged Sex Life” sex study. Check out the results of their study here and see how your bedroom habits compare!

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