4 Reasons Couples Fight on Vacation and How to Stop It

I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but this article is more for me than you.

You see, a recent vacation argument involving hotel room keys ended in Big Daddy P’s audibly undesirable proclamation, “Dammit Lori, you’re no fun on vacation!” Burn. The entire 7th floor of the San Diego DoubleTree heard it; they had to.

As much as I’d love to use my powers of social media to force him to take it back, the fact is, we always fight on vacation. Always. And over the dumbest stuff. Hell, we fought over socks on our honeymoon. It’s true; ask the San Francisco Westin.

What is it about romantic getaways that cause arguments? My God, there you are, just the two of you with a wine/food/vacation sex agenda. What the hell is there to argue about?

I’ll tell you.

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