In Response to “Dear Know-It-All People Without Kids, Shut the %$#@ Up”

So I wrote this little post, Dear Know-It-All People Without Kids, Shut the %$#@ Up and then the world exploded. It did. People got all pissed. I’m sure a waitress was denied a tip somewhere and I got blamed for the current economic crisis.

Certain childless folks took the post very personally even though I specifically addressed the know-it-all types. It didn’t stop there, the post also offended moms too. Apparently I’m the sole “reason that people hate parents” according to Really? Me? And here my guidance counselor thought I’d never amount to much.

To know me personally or know my blog is to know that I am against wars of the female variety entirely but I can dish a healthy helping of snark now and again. I don’t hate childless people – why should I? Why should anyone? I believe making the choice to remain childless is both personal and way too often misunderstood.

Let me get a few things straight: Kids can be annoying. Kids don’t belong everywhere (bars, fancy restaurants, etc.). I am not superior. I am not a hater.

I am just a regular mom with a regular blog with two regular kids who is tired of regularly being told what do by know-it-all people. To be a mom is to understand that feeling. So I wrote a tongue in cheek post about it. Who cares? It was one of at least 13,154 snarky posts written that day that got people talking.

And here it’s only Monday.


  1. I thought your blog was right on. I feel the exact same way and have wanted to say everything to the know it all’s around me. They really have no Idea, and that is not an insult. I have no Idea what it is like to be a pro-football player, so I don’t claim to be because I watch football all the time. Thanks for your blog and being a real mom!

  2. I thought it was very snarky and rude. But it was written with that point in mind.
    I actively choose not to have children. It’s a decision I, and my husband, are completely comfortable with… yet it is parents who bombard me with inqusitions as to why. It often is very offensive, but because that’s the ‘norm’ they are compelled to push forward. But it’s whatever. Don’t expect childless people to understand or care about all the complexities of your ‘regular’ kids and I won’t expect you to change your smug tone.

    • The tone was smug but the piece was meant to be taken in jest – all hyperbole. When did everyone become so serious? Thanks for your comment and I totally respect your decision not to have children. I think parenthood is highly personal and no one (including other parents) should be bombarding you with inquisitions as to why. Your reproductive future is no one’s business. I’m actually a really nice girl Angie, to read this blog is know that.

  3. You know, these extra lbs on my ass are all your fault since I sit here in this chair day after day reading your blog 😉

    Love your new swan song!!!

  4. I guess it does slightly put a divide between people. Parent or not there are people who know it all and have to tell you how to do things or what you’re doing wrong. It’s annoying yes, but if you know you are right then who cares?

  5. Laugh it off!
    When you become successful, haters will hate!

  6. People are ridiculous….seriously. It was funny and we all used to be childless. I know I had some ideas about how to raise kids….until I had one. Then I realized it wasn’t that easy.

  7. “I believe making the choice to remain childless is both personal and way too often misunderstood.” Indeed!

    I read your articles, and don’t see why some people have their panties in a bunch.

    Be a duck. Let the hate roll, like water, right off your back.

  8. JamieAnne says:

    I read both articles. She clearly missed the point of your post. Citing her childless friends that she ASKED for advice from is not the same thing as random strangers telling you how to raise your child.
    I’m not a fan of unsolicited advice, I don’t care if you’ve got children or not. If I did not ask for your two
    cents, spend it elsewhere.
    The only thing that really peeves me…when people compare their pets to my children.
    It’s not the same. Not. The. Same.

  9. I read the mommyish piece and left a comment… did they even READ your article? The comments were especially fun, and totally off topic. Looks like somebody trying to hitch a ride on your coattails, IMO.

  10. It’s raining here today and it’s ALL YOUR FAULT!!! Have a GREAT week!

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