Little Big Man

Boy Wonder is growing up. I’m so not prepared for the sex talk, puberty and all the rest of the totally normal and awkward parenting stuff that comes along with it.

He’s 9 and in so many ways he thinks he’s so much cooler (and by cooler I mean older).

Exhibit A: Deodorant

Degree for Men (because he needs that)

Puhleese, he’s a boy who smells like boy – not B.O. (at least yet anyway). He picked out this fancy Extreme Blast® formula because the packaging looked manly. Marketing at it’s finest.

The next aisle, I was begged to purchase this:

Exhibit B: Men’s Body Wash

Men's Body Wash because he's all almost tween

He begged for Axe (I mean of course he did) but we compromised on Suave because it’s cheap and he hasn’t even reached puberty yet. Kudos for him on insisting on the very manly black bath pouf, proving to me he was serious.

And finally, we reached the pinnacle of manliness:

Exhibit C: Boxer Briefs

Goodbye SpongeBob character briefs, we have made our way to Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs in solid colors.

My little Boy Man Wonder is all growns’d up and BooBoo is all too eager to follow suit.

This is getting weird.


  1. OH sweets I totally relate!! I had to buy my 8 year old deodorant this year because he came home smelling, and I mean BAD! I also had to buy him new underwear and realized they don’t make the “fun ones” in his size! *sigh* At least we can go through this craziness together!

  2. LOL. As long as he still has to beg you to buy it, you’re good!


  1. […] it comes to talking to my kids about sex, especially around my budding man-child, I’m a hot mess. He’s uncomfortable, I’m uncomfortable – even the walls are […]

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